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The most frequently and willingly visited tourist district of the city of Cracow constitutes a magnificent contracts of two cultures, Christian and Jewish culture. When passing through the district You will be able to see the most important monuments of the Old Town and will be able to experience the unique climate of the Kazimierz district with its synagogues and cameral cafes.

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Old Town by melex

Our driver shall travel with you via the specially designed path during which our AUDIO-GUIDE will provide You with the most important information of the monuments being passed by.

* The Main Square
* St. Wojciech’s Church
* St. Mary’s Church
* The Church of St. Cross
* J. Słowacki Theatre
* Florian’s Gate
* Barbican
* Sukiennice Clothes hall
* Town Hall Tower
* Franciscan Church
* St. Peter’s and St. Paul’s Church
* St. Andrew’s Church
* Wawel
* Town Hall of the Kazimierz District
* Wolnica Square
* Corpus Christi Church
* Tempel Synagogue
* Remuh Synagogue with a cemetery
* Popper’s Synagogue
* Old Synagogue
* Issac’s Synagogue
* Podgórze Ghetto  Eagle Pharmacy (Apteka pod orłem)
* Ghetto Heroes’ Square (Plac bohaterów getta)
* O. Schindler’s Factory

* An option to organize a separate tour:
-Old Town in half an hour
- Kazimierz district in half an hour

  • Pick up time: to be agreed
  • Pick up location:   any desired location of Old Town or the Kazimierz District (free of charge) 


  • duration: 1 hour
  1-4 people   price per vehicle    220 PLN
  5 or more people    price per person   50 PLN 


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Elsa from Germany

Posted on 08-02-2015

Something else :)

Something special, new, I've never joined anything like this before. Well prepared guide, warm inside, even during the winter (quite heavy one), we get a blanket so it was cozy :) The driver had no problem with any stops during the time, so.. to sum up: I really strongly recommend this way of sightseeing in Cracow :) You won't regret!


Johny Tomphson from Canada

Posted on 17-04-2013


Hi!I’ve been first time to Cracow – very hospitable city!

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