4 x 4 Offroad Challenge

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Day to day driving can be very limiting. Ever felt like swapping the traffic jam for an open field with no boundaries.. well here’s your chance and you’ll be amazed at what these 4 x4 can do, mud, water or snow!

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4 x 4 Offroad Challenge

<p class="readmore">With our Krakow off-road challenge you have a chance to rediscover the joy of driving in a vehicle capable of knocking down pesky obstacles like bushes, deer and peasants. Our wide range of 4x4 off-road wagons offer you a ride to remember. Your very own instructor on hand will offer you top tips on how to handle rugged terrain. After being trained with different driving techniques, you can test drive by yourselves.Th tour includes:  hotel/hostel pick-up and drop-off,exclusive 4x4 offroad cars rental for 2hrs,professional instructors,4 people/car,training + driving on your own,option to arrange BBQ & beers.</p>

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