Gun Shooting tour

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Have you ever felt like shooting a real life weapon but didn't have an opportunity to do so? Here you can grab one of many guns like Kalashnikov, the AK47, a revolver, Austrian Glock or a traditional shotgun and see what happens!

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Gun Shooting tour

There are few places in the world where you can walk up to gun shooting range and have the opportunity to fire real life weapons. In Krakow you can! Our firing range offers you the chance to fire some of the world’s best know guns such as the infamous Kalashnikov, the AK47, a revolver, various pistols such as the Russian MCM Margolin and the Austrian Glock or a traditional shotgun. The outdoor shooting gallery is located in an amazing 19th century fortress, and we offer exclusive private rental of this facility, professional instructors and a range of different caliber rifles and pistols. The price includes: pick up and return transport, english speaking guide, exclusive venue reservation, professional instructors, guns and targets rental.

  • Start time: To be agreed


  •  There must be minimum 7 participants 


185 PLN per person - 25 shots (10*AK 47 Kalashnikov, 10*Sport rifle, 5*Shotgun)

OPTION  2.  

250 PLN per person - 55 shots (15*AK47 Kalashnikov, 10*Glock, 25*Polish Uzi, 5*Shotgun)

OPTION  3.  

300 PLN per person - 75 shots (20*AK47 Kalashnikov, 10*Glock, 10 CZS75, 25*Polish Uzi, 10*Shotgun)

* for smaller groups price may be higher

Price includes:

  • Duration: 2-3 hours
  • Return transport
  • coordinator 
  • Exclusive venue reservation
  • Professional instructors
  • Guns, targets rental

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Stanley from UK

Posted on 19-11-2012

Quite Scary and really worth it

I did the gun shooting tour with a group of mates on a Stag Party. This is surely one of the best activities that you can do out of Krakow if you are on a Stag Party and it knocks the spots off other typical activities like go karting. The guns were of course real and we were shocked at how powerful and loud they were. The icing on the cake was to shoot the shotgun which left me stunned and with a large bruise on my shoulder.

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