Mariacki Church

Address: Plac Mariacki

Area: Old Town

Type: Churches/Synagogues

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The Church of St. Mary´s or Mariacki Church dominates the Krakow skyline and is responsible for a very timely and familiar sound. It is from here that visitors will hear a bugle call on the hour every hour ring out across the city, a historical tradition that continues to this day.

The distinctive black steeples are an iconic image of Krakow and can be seen from just about everywhere in the city whilst the interior, decked with gold, is not always to everybody tastes, though take the time to explore and you will be rewarded with some exquisite individual works of art.

The 14th Century stain glass windows are particularly impressive and considered masterpieces in their own right, though the most extraordinary monument is Veit Stoss´s remarkable altar-piece.

And f you find the basilica lit up at night is one of the most awesome sights in Krakow, to truly appreciate this remarkable building attend a mass and you will witness a truly uplifting experience whether you are religious or otherwise. 


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