Mały Rynek

Address: Mały Rynek

Area: Old Town

Type: Town Squares

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Just a short walk from the main market square of. Krakow´s Rynek Glowny, separated by the Church of St. Mary and the Church of St Barbara, you will find the Little Market, Maly Rynek.  Situated a block from the main centre, the Little Market is considered one of the most quaint and picturesque places to visit during your stay in Krakow. The former butcher's and produce market has served little function since 1903 when the stalls were removed in favour of tram lines. Today, even they have disappeared leaving just the tenements buildings as a sense of history. But the Maly Rynek has much deeper historical roots than its remains suggest as it was here that persistent fights between the Catholics and the Protestants that lived on opposite sides of the market square broke out in the 17th Century, thus these grounds have witnessed much bloodshed.


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