Rynek Underground Museum

Address: Rynek Główny

Area: Old Town

Type: Museums

Rating: 4.7

After an archaeological find discovered and excavated underground tunnels under Krakow´s Main Market Square in 2005, the much publicised Rynek Underground Museum was created, opening its doors to the public for the first time in September 2010.

The multi hi-tech museum is subtitled, “In the Footsteps of Krakow´s European Identity” and plots the evolution of the city from its earliest settlements in 2000BCE to the death of Pope John Paul II in 2005. Upon entering, visitors pass through a wall of smoke and follow a clockwise trail through time.

Using projected films, holograms and interactive touch screen exhibits the use of modern technology compliments the original artefacts found amongst the 40,000 square metres of subterranean tunnels, among them an ancient horse´s skull and an 11th Century cemetery.

Audio guides are available in several European languages. Space is limited to 300 visitors at any one time so it is best to book ahead and reserve your place to save disappointment. 



Ula from UK

Posted on 12-05-2016


very well worth a visit. we spent 3 hours there, so much to see and learn. The information about Polish history was an eye opener for me.


Michael Hunniford from United Kingdom

Posted on 01-04-2016

Krakow underground

Fantastic,One of the best part of my visit to kracow, should be published more , we only heard from a polish friend. Maybe a well kept secret. loved it


Michael Hunniford from United Kingdom

Posted on 01-04-2016

Krakow underground

Fantastic,One of the best part of my visit to kracow, should be published more , we only heard from a polish friend. Maybe a well kept secret. loved it


Rose from Great Britain

Posted on 07-09-2015

you should visit

wow, so much history buried under the surface, who would have thought. Krakow is so amazing above ground and still it has something to offer if you dig under. This museum is a modern and interactive one, good for kids too. Definitely recommend!


Eva from Helsinki

Posted on 30-06-2015

Really impressive!

The museum is very interesting and worth visiting. Next time I come to Krakow, I will definitely step by it again.


Grigor from Lituania

Posted on 23-12-2014


It's a museum and it's under the surface of the Main Square. How cool is that? :) Never been in such, saw a lot of very interesting old stuff. Recommend!


Janet from USA

Posted on 28-11-2014


A really impressive museum with the history of Krakow. See for yourself!


Dianne Hudson from australia

Posted on 21-09-2014


When I visited Krakow last time this had not been uncovered. It is an amazing piece of history and certainly well worth a lengthy visit. Excellent


Elinor Bayse from Cleveland, OH USA

Posted on 13-09-2014


I would never have known the museum was there unless a resident of Krakow told me that he thought it would be something I would like to see. I had my 13 year old grandson with me, and the interactive exhibits were very interesting to him. I really appreciated the information written in English because my attempts to learn Polish are very disappointing. This informs visitors about the history of the city..


Maria from Poland

Posted on 31-05-2014

Worth seeing

I have to say that I was impressed with that underground museum. I found it really interesting. It's filled with tones of historical facts but there is no way of getting bored. Everything's presented in a very creative and interesting way. I totally recommend to visit that place and learn something more about Cracow!


Monic from UK

Posted on 14-04-2014

Worth to visit

This underground museum is really impressive. If you want to get to know something more about history of Krakow and see how this city looked like in the past you should visit this place.


Maria from Italy

Posted on 12-04-2014

Worth visiting

I've been there twice and I would go there again. The museum is made in a very modern and interactive way, so you can spend there hours and not be bored at all. it is also a good place to go with kids as the history of medieval Krakow can be a nice game for them.
Tip: there is a free entrance once per week, but you need to book online in advance


Bianca Mertens from St.Vith/Belgium

Posted on 29-01-2013

Very good

This underground museum is really great! I could only spend 2 hours there, but if I had had more time, I would have spend at least one more hour there! The historical information is presented in a lot of languages and in a very interesting way : you can see real traces of history and you get a lot of background information. You can also see pictures and videos. Even without a guide, only reading, you understand the history of Krakow.


Piotr from POLAND

Posted on 21-05-2012

Good, although bit overrated

the fact this museum is located underground Main Square and the Cloth Hall is cool enough to visit it. Also, there are some interesting, genuine atrifacts (e.g. medieval grave excavations), there is also a nice cafe with a great view but in general I expected the exhibition to be more interactive and complex.

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