Church of Saints Peter and Paul

Address: Grodzka 52

Area: Old Town

Type: Churches/Synagogues

Rating: 5

The church of St. Peter and St. Paul was built shortly after the arrival of Jesuits who came to Krakow to defend the Catholic faith soon after the signing of the Council of Trident.

As a response to the reformation which was spreading quickly across northern Europe, the Vatican were desperate to stem the flow of the protestant tide and with the support of King Stephen Bathory, the Jesuits were granted the Church of St Barbara where the Order established a modest residence.

However, it would not be long before the congregation outgrew the church so it was decided that a new building was required and the Church of St, Peter and St. Paul became the first Jesuit church in Poland to be built in the new Baroque style.

Visitors can admire the baroque figures of the 12 apostles and the elaborate stucco decoration by Giovanni Battista Falconi. 



Kate from Oslo

Posted on 13-08-2015

Beautiful example of baroque architecture

Must see for each and every art lover!


Ola from Gdańsk

Posted on 22-06-2015

What a beautiful place!

Not only the church itself is so beautiful but its surrounding is truly magical. It is like being taken back in time!

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