Church of St Andrew

Address: Grodzka 54

Area: Old Town

Type: Churches/Synagogues

Rating: 5

The Church of St. Andrew is the best preserved example of Romanesque architecture in Kraków. The massive structure was built using stone blocks towards the end of the 11th century and together with its religious functions, also served as part of the city´s defensive fortifications. In 1241, it withstood the raid of the Tartars and provided sufficient shelter for the city residents. The two impressive octagonal towers which loom over the main body of the church are characteristic of Romanesque architecture whereas the apse in the same style has a more modest decoration on the arcaded frieze. A refurbishment in the 1700´s saw the renowned Italian architect, Baldassare Fontana, improve the interior with rich stucco decoration whilst the high altar was added some time later by Francesco Placidi, both of which demand the attention of visitors together with the 18th century organ in the chancel. 



Pierce from Great Britain

Posted on 26-08-2015

Pearl of Krakow's architecture

Beautiful church of the Romanesque style.

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