Saint Florian Gate

Address: Floriańska

Area: Old Town

Type: Landmarks/Monuments

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Situated on the Florianska and forming part of the Royal Route, St. Florian Gate was the main entrance in which King´s would return to Krakow following victorious battles, hence its alternative name, “The Gate of Glory.” Named after the nearby church of St. Florian, the gate stands 34.5 metres high (113 feet) and was the main gate of seven that had been built into the defensive walls of the city around 1300. It served as the main entrance for a number of special occasions including ceremonial events for diplomats, famous people visiting Krakow and royal processions, both coronations and funerals. The baroque spire you find today was not part of the original structure, but added after the Swedish invasion in 1657. Though it is hard to imagine today, but at the turn of the 20th century, a narrow tramway past under the gate whereby the trams had to fold down their pantographs. 


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