Plac Nowy

Address: Plac Nowy

Area: Kazimierz

Type: Town Squares

Rating: 5

In comparison to the more illustrious main square of Rynek Glowny, the downtrodden Plac Nowy is somewhat unassuming. Indeed surrounded by unkempt building some would consider it something of an eyesore. But dismiss it at your peril because if you are looking for something different from the typical tourist traps you could not ask for a better place to start. Plac Nowy has emerged as a spiritual centre for Krakow´s sub-cultures and creative´s bring the green-fringed market place to life with a bohemian zest. Having become part of the Jewish quarter in the 17th century the square as acted as a vibrant market place for over 200 years and the arty cafes and inventive craft stalls continue to keep the traditions alive. Likewise, food lovers will love the smells of fried meat pouring out of the chiselled walls of the rotunda and travellers on a budget will not find a better bargain meal than this fast-food Mecca.



Janet from USA

Posted on 24-09-2015

what an amazing place

kazimierz is my favourite part of's so authentic and alive...and plac nowy is the very hearth of it! during the day you can browse around the flee market or fresh veggie market, grab a snack or eat proper dinner and during the night, it is pumping! all the bars and cafes are full of very interesting people and music. if you are into alternative kind of lifestyle, if you like art and bohemian kind of atmosphere then go check it out, it is so worth it!


Lizzie from Roswell, New Mexico, USA

Posted on 14-02-2015

Need a snack?

Best place where all kinds of Polish zapiekanka are served. Surrounded by a number of pubs and popular amongst locals, Plac Nowy is an obligatory stop to have a snack before another beer.
Fresh market and flea market can be also found there.


Carla from USA

Posted on 28-01-2015

Best place!

Go visit Plac Nowy, you won't regret it!


Kristina from Spain

Posted on 26-12-2014


For me, such places are far better than those main swuares everywhere in Europe. It has its soul. And for example during sunday they sell here old staff! Like very old ones. Something like flomarkts in Germany. When someone likes such thing, I strongly recommend this place. And of course, during evenings it lives its own live. To make long story short - definitely worth of visiting, not only once, but several, during the day and the night, in the morning they sell here vegetables and staff like that. I realy love it.


Julia from Ukraine

Posted on 04-05-2014

The best pubs in Krakow

Plac Nowy is the main center of Kazimierz district. You can find there a lot of nice pubs and restaurant. If you will be there you must try "zapiekanka" - cheap, tasty polish snack, you can buy it in round building in the center of square.

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