Jewish Cultural Centre

Address: Meiselsa 17

Area: Kazimierz

Type: Cultural Centers

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Situated in Kazimierz, the heartbeat of the Jewish district, the Jewish Cultural Centre was established in 1989, shortly after the collapse of Communism and the thawing of the Cold War. However, it did not become fully functioning until 2008 when it was opened by Prince Charles of England. The ambition of the centre is to restore past traditions and revive a wavering Jewish community in Krakow, thus this noble and innovative project founded a cultural centre allowing visitors to submerge themselves in Jewish traditions and engage with locals in a packed schedule of events and festival. The centre plays host to numerous cultural events, particularly in autumn as the Jewish New Year is ushered in with a full schedule of activities. You will also find a pleasant rooftop cafe and an excellent gift shop in the basement. 


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