Saint Anne's Church

Address: Anny 11

Area: Old Town

Type: Churches/Synagogues

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St Anne´s Church was originally a wooden construction built in the 14th Century, but when it burned down in 1407 during an anti-Jewish riot another had to be built. The Church we find today is the third structure to be built and dates back to the 17th Century after King John III Sobieski decided to build a new one which he considered more fitting for Krakow. As a result St. Anne´s Church was transformed into one of the city´s most impressive baroque structures and is considered by many to be a masterpiece in its own right. Visitors to St. Anne´s are treated to a richly decorated three-aisled interior which creates a powerful impression. Of particular interest is the central painting above the high altar depicting St. Anne together with the infant Jesus and the Virgin Mary and also the so-called confession of theologian St. John Kety which is located in the southern right of the transept.


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