Corpus Christi Church

Address: Bożego Ciała 26

Area: Kazimierz

Type: Churches/Synagogues

Rating: 1

Corpus Christi Church is a classic basilica and that was originally established as a parish church by King Casimir the Great in 1335, although it was not completed until the mid-15th Century.

Visitors are often in awe of the spectacular nave covered with crossed ribbed vaulting and elongated chancel. During the invasion of the Swedish in 1655, King Charles Gustav made the church his headquarters and imprisoned the monks in a single cell built into the vestry.

When the Swedish left, the church suffered great losses and was pilfered of all its treasure by evacuating soldiers.

One of the points of interest in the Church of Corpus Christi is the tomb of the Italian architect, Bartolommeo Berrecci who was a citizen of Krakow before being killed by a dagger in Main Square, supposedly by an envious compatriot.



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