Wyspiański 2000 Pavilion

Address: Plac Wszystkich Świętych 2

Area: Old Town

Type: Cultural Centers

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The Wyspianski Pavillion was built in the year 2000 after the site had laid dormant since the Nazi´s invasion of 1939 and is most noted for its controversial stain-glass window. Film director Andrzel Wajda came up with the idea to promote the cultural aspects of the city and suggested fitting the facade of the building with a stain-glassed window that represents three of Krakow´s most influential figures, St Stanislaus, Prince Henry the Pious and King Casimir the Great. The glass window had originally been designed by Stanislav Wyspianski for the Wawel Cathedral in the late 19th Century, but the project never got off the ground. The window was not without its controversies as the saint and the prince are depicted at the time of the deaths and King is seen as a skull in a crown as that is the image the artist saw when he opened the King´s coffin 600 years after his death. 


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