Galicia Museum

Address: Dajwór 18

Area: Kazimierz

Type: Museums

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Located in the heart of the Jewish Quarter, the Galicia Museum was inaugurated to commemorate the victims of the Holocaust and as a celebration of Jewish culture of the Polish Galicia.

The Galicia is one of Poland´s most visited Jewish museums and provides a different perspective on Jewish culture and history with a unique and innovative insight of everyday life, rather than simply focusing on the holocaust.

The museums objectives are to challenge the stereotypical image of Jews which over the centuries has become twisted and misconstrued by history.

The thought-provoking exhibits found in the museum not only educate visitors about the Jewish question in Poland, but also provide a history of the Polish people living alongside their Jewish neighbours and tries to provoke them into thinking about the future of different cultures living side by side, rather than simply remembering the past. A masterpiece. 


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