Oskar Schindler Factory

Address: Lipowa 4

Area: Podgorze

Type: Museums

Rating: 5

The Oskar Schindler factory shot to fame following Steven Spielberg´s 1993 wartime epic, Schindler´s List.

Situated at 4 Lipowa Street in the city´s grim industrial district, the museum occupies the actual space that Schindler ran his wartime factory from, ironically making bomb cases and bullets for the German army.

But at the same time Schindler was giving persecuted Jews jobs they were forbidden to have and helped them escape the wrath of Nazi officials.

The museum includes artefacts, photos, documents and multimedia exhibits detailing what life was life in Krakow under Nazi occupation and provides visitors with a detailed view of the resistance movement and the underground Polish state that tried to help their Jewish neighbours.

The centrepiece is the office of Schindler himself which has been remarkably preserved and still includes the original desk, chair and huge map on the wall. 



Bob from US

Posted on 08-03-2013

Great Addition to the History of Krakow

I visited this museum the first month it was opened in 2010. It provided a wealth of knowledge about Schindler, Krakow's Jews and his efforts to save and rescue as many as possibly. All of the displays were neat and professionally presented using mostly original artifacts with few reproductions. This si an absolute must stop for anyone with an interest into this important aspect of the history of the Holocaust and World War II

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