Czartoryski Muzeum

Address: Św Jana 19

Area: Old Town

Type: Museums

Rating: 5

Regarded as one of Krakow´s highlights, the Czartoryski Museum is the oldest in Poland and features a wealth of artwork, sculptures and silverware from antiquity to the 19th Century collected by six generations of the noble Czartoryski family. It was originally founded in 1796 by Princess Isabela in Pulawy in eastern Poland.

Shortly after it was established, the museum acquired its most valuable painting, “The Lady with an Ermmine,” by Leonardo da Vinci which was bought in Italy by Isabela´s son together with Raphael´s “Portrait of a Young Man,” both of which are the most viewed pieces in today´s gallery. 

The museum was eventually moved to Krakow in 1878 when the city´s authorities gifted Czartoryski the old Arsenal which had been kept in the same building the Czartoryski collection is now housed in.

Other exhibits worth a mention are Rembrandt's Landscape with the Good Samaritan, and Egyptian artefacts the date back to 2000BCE. 



Sara from Boston

Posted on 03-05-2015


Visiting this museum is a must for all art lovers! I am under impression of the unique ancient collection.


Carla from USA

Posted on 09-03-2015

Good choice

Beautiful place to see, the collection is amazing


Sheila Carter from Birmingham/ UK

Posted on 04-01-2015


Last time I've been to this place I was only 9 yo. Although I'm a little bit older now, I still remember the exceptional ancient collection I was fascinated with then.
I tried to visit the museum during my trip to Krakow last year again but disappointingly, it had appeared to be renovated for some time. I think it's one of the local must-sees. I truly wish to go there again in 2015 after the re-opening.

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