Manggha Centre

Address: Marii Konopnickiej 26

Area: Out of Town

Type: Cultural Centers

Rating: 5

The dynamic Manggha Centre is one of Krakow´s most captivating buildings and a unique cultural experience. The museum was established at the turn of the 20th Century when Feliks “Manggha” Jasienski decided to introduce the Polish people to a civilisation they were relatively unfamiliar with and in doing so inspired a nation to create a unique new wave which was labelled “Polish Japanism.” Upon his death in 1920, Manggha´s collection was donated to the National Museum, but alas there was not enough room to house the collection in its rooms and it remained largely unknown to the visiting public. During World War II the Manggha collection saw the light of day in an exhibition organized by the occupying Nazi´s. Held in the Cloth Hall, it was generally well received despite Japan being an axis power to Hitler´s Germany.



Magda from Wroclaw

Posted on 25-06-2015


If you are interested in Japanese culture then this place is a must! they have a beautiful collection of art and books. There is also a nice cafe inside where you can hang out, or also by the river below the museum. It is an interesting place to visit. Quite unique as well.


Peter from Austria

Posted on 21-01-2015

I love Japan and Manggha and for me, this a very well quipped and prepared place. A lot of activities, a lot to see, to explore, amazing and helpful staff and teachers. Should be definitely more places like this one :)


Tone from Norway

Posted on 23-10-2014


We went to a cool local music performance. Worth visiting!

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