The Town Hall Clock Tower

Address: Main Square

Area: Old Town

Type: Landmarks/Monuments

Rating: 5

It may not be as famous as the unfortunate building in Pisa, but the city of Krakow has a leaning tower of its own – the Town Hall Clock Tower. Originally built at the end of the 13th Century, the 70-metre tall tower only has a tilt a 55cm, although the reason for its disfigurement is rather unusual – it was caused by a strong wind in 1703. The massive Gothic structure was built using stone and brick, but was weakened due to several fires over the course of 150 years. Since 1680, it´s west wall had been supported by a mammoth buttress, but this was not enough to prevent the foundations shifting almost 22-inches when the storm rang in. Despite its imperfections, tourists can still climb the narrow steps and enjoy panoramic views of Krakow or visit the underground cafe and theatre which used to be the home to the city dungeons. 



Nica from Spain

Posted on 02-12-2014

We took a couple of LOONY pics at the stairs there. Im gald you will never see them!

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