Kanonicza Street

Address: Kanonicza

Area: Old Town

Type: Districts & Streets

Rating: 5

Regarded as one of the most attractive streets in Krakow, Kanonicza Street constitutes a good portion of the Royal Route and runs from the Barbican through the Main Market Square before ending at the foot of the Wawel Castle Hill. The first recordings of the street in historical records date back to around 1338 when it is described as “the little street that leads from the Wawel Castle to Krakow.” By the end of the 14th Century it was home to Krakow´s religious canons, which is how the street got its name. Visitors should look for the scenic little plaza where St. Mary Magdalena´s Church once stood and the beautiful courtyard which is accessible by number 17 and 22. Across from the courtyard at 19-22 Kanonicza Street you will find the long-serving address of Karol Wojtyla, the man who would later become better known as Pope John Paul II. 



Kamile from France

Posted on 21-01-2015


The oldest street in Cracow surprises with its natural charm and calm atmosphere, even being in the middle of the city!


Jose from Spain

Posted on 08-04-2014

Romantic street

Kanonicza is one of my favourite street in Krakow. You can find there Ukrainian restaurant with very tasty food and good traditional ukrainian beer.

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