Łagiewniki Sanctuary

Address: Siostry Faustyny 3

Area: Out of Town

Type: Churches/Synagogues

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The Lagiewniki Sanctuary is one of the most important places for pilgrims visiting Poland.

Given its full title, the Convent of the Congregation of Sisters of Our Lady of Mercy was established in 1889 with the intention of rescuing young women and girls who were in need of “deep moral revival.”

The idea was to save their souls by introducing them to Christianity and preparing them for a return to noble life in society.

The sanctuary would most likely have gone relatively unknown had it not been for Sister Faustyna Kowalska, who is said to have had numerous visions of Christ and became known as 'the apostle of the Divine Mercy'.

Sister Faustyna claimed she was told by Jesus to keep a diary of the encounters between them and these recordings act as important teachings of the Divine Mercy.

The Lagiewmiki Sanctuary is thus considered an important pilgrimage and has been visited by both Pope John Paul II and his successor Pope Benedict XVI. 


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