Bunkier Sztuki Gallery

Address: Plac Szczepański 3a

Area: Old Town

Type: Galleries

Rating: 5

Art aficionados will not want to miss a trip to Bunkier Sztuki during their visit to Krakow. Housed in one of the few modernist buildings to be erected in the city, the Bunkier is home to a fine selection of contemporary artwork from both home grown and international artists.

The gallery are quickly growing a solid reputation for snapping up some of the finest modern artists around and is by far the leading contemporary centre in Krakow, though it is not without its critics

Established in 1950, it was controversial from the start, as the architecture of the building represents the persistent brutalism of Poland´s recent history, but the protests against its inception were mostly fuelled by suppressive politics rather than an outcry against the promotion of progressive art.

The Bunkier Sztuki also features a funky cafe which is regarded as one of the best in Krakow.



Taylor from Great Britain

Posted on 04-04-2015

Amazing place!

A place full of art, amazing people and awesome food! Would recommend it anytime


Tom from Norway

Posted on 19-11-2014

Love it

This place really surprised me. From the outside I didn't expect to find so interesting and inspiring place. This is not just the art gallery, but also a place where you can have a cup of coffee, eat a delicious lunch and talk with amazing people.

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