The Krakow Dragon

Area: Old Town

Type: Legends and Folklore

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One of the most mysterious and fascinating tourist attractions in Krakow is the legend of the Krakow Dragon.

A visit to Wawel Castle will introduce you to a curious selection of bones which is labelled by an 18th Century plaque indicating they are the remains of a “monster,” killed by a “dragon slayer” who ascended to the throne of Krakow.

Situated at the westernmost point of the castle grounds, the fantastical tale mirrors the story of England´s St. George and is made even more mysterious in the setting of dank and dark backdrop of caves a hundred or so steps into the cold depths of the Wawel Hill.

To add to the adventure, rumour has it that during the Middle Ages the caves were also used as an inn which included brothel chamber and was frequented by members of the Royal family and other elite figures of the Krakow aristocracy.

Watch the Krakow dragon for long enough and you might just see it breath fire!!



Val from Norway

Posted on 26-07-2015

Very nice

My kids loved it. There is a dragon cave, a dragon legend and a big dragon statue that blows fire! Nice thing to do after Wawel Castle sightseeing when your kinds are already tired and need to do something more 'fun'. It's located by the river so you can also sit and relax for a while


Joshua from Germany

Posted on 15-02-2015


Looks so funny :) it's so small and I thought it will look more majestic :) the fire is real though :)

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