Grodzka Street

Address: Grodzka

Area: Old Town

Type: Districts & Streets

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Constructed even before Krakow received its charter in 1257, Grodzka Street is one of the oldest in the city. It´s original purpose was for use as an early medieval trade route which connected the north and south of the country and later became part of the so-called salt route which ran all the way down to the south of Hungary. Grodzka remains one of the most important streets in Krakow today due its close proximity to the Main Market Square of Rekny Glowny and as a commercial centre of chic boutiques, trendy cafes and inviting restaurants. Little has changed with the layout of Grodzka Street since the Middle-Ages other than it is a little wider between the Main Square and Dominikanski Square which was due to the rebuilding of houses following the Great Fire of 1850. 


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