Floriańska Street

Address: Floriańska

Area: Old Town

Type: Districts & Streets

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Part of the famous Royal Route, Florianska is one of the most important and historical streets in Krakow. It dates back as far as the 13th century and despite renovation in the 19th century its medieval charm is still evident today with its gothic churches and elegant terrace buildings that stayed true to their early origins. Especially noteworthy are the houses at numbers 3, 5, 7, 8, 9 and 14 together with numbers 17, 26 and the Jan Michalik cafe at number 45. Though the street has been given a modern upgrade, it had been the first street in Europe to be fitted with cobbled pathways and by the end of the 15th century all the wooden house had been replaced by stone structures. Visitors to Florianska Street will find numerous tourist attractions along the way, ending with two of Krakow´s most impressive and valued historical monuments, St. Mary´s Cathedral and the Royal Wawel Castle. 



Robert from Poland

Posted on 24-04-2016

My favourite street

I simply love this street. Always something happening, you can always discover and rediscover places. I'm seriously thinking about becoming a photographer, cause there are so many scenic moments. I love the food here. I'm currently studying Polish at Prolog: www.polishcourses.com. It's not that easy, but I'm determined to learn this awesome language.


David from Spain

Posted on 04-05-2014

Florianska fancy street

Florianska street is the most popular street in old city center of Krakow. You can find there a lot of nice restaurant - typical polish and international one. Don't forget about restaurant with long tradition called Jama Michalika.

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