Krakow Old Town

Address: Stare Miasto

Area: Old Town

Type: Districts & Streets

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Krakow´s Old Town is the most recognisable part of the city as it the charming buildings and spectacular views you find here that make it into the traveller photographer´s lens.

And rightly so as the historical centre of Krakow is pure architectural eye-candy and is home to the greatest density of landmarks, museums and art galleries.

It is from here the Krakow began developing its booming tourist trade so is easy to get caught up in the typical tourist traps, but at the same time is a place that no visitor to Krakow can ignore.

It´s timeless features are adorable and the street layout is a masterpiece of medieval urban planning.

Built in 1257, the centrepiece is the bustling main square with its street entertainers and overpriced cafes prowling on the outskirts, but is also blessed with the pretty greenery of Planty Park added by the city planners to offer residents and visitors a peaceful outdoor sanctuary.


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