Podgórze District

Address: Podgórze

Area: Podgorze

Type: Districts & Streets

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The up-and-coming Podgorze district is situated on the opposite side of the Vistula River across from Wawel Castle and literally means, “place next to the hill.”

Up until recently Podgorze was not a place acknowledged by tourists, but with the introduction of several artisan restaurants, bars and cafes it has smartened up its image and offers a lot of promise.

Established by Emperor Joseph II in 1784, the area was administered as a separate town to Krakow and was a commercial rival until the collapse of the Austro-Hungarian Empire in 1915 following which it became part of Krakow.

During the Nazi occupation the Jews were herded into the ghettos here from Kazimierz and the area has taken over 50 years to recover. And although the dirge of industry is still evident, Podgorze´s character and bohemian ambience gives it huge potential for adventure.


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