Kazimierz - The Old Jewish Quarter

Address: Kazimierz

Area: Kazimierz

Type: Districts & Streets

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Kazimierz became known as the Jewish quarter in the late 15th Century when King Jan I Olbracht transferred all Jews living in Krakow to live in one area.

The area grew relatively quickly as Jews from all over Eastern Europe fled here in search of a safe haven and overtime the small Jewish quarter virtually turned into a self-governed 34-acre town and was predominantly divorced from the sprawling city that surrounded it.

The narrow streets lead you through one of Krakow´s most unique districts and boasts some of the finest architecture found anywhere in the city.

Take a look inside the Old Jewish Cemetery in the Remuh Synagogue and pause to reflect of the atrocities of the holocaust at the memorial of the Krakow Ghetto on the Plac Bohaterow Getta. But it is not all gloomy as this bustling and lively district of Krakow will charm and delight any visitor.



Becky from London, UK

Posted on 11-02-2015

15 years ago I didn't think at all that former Jewish quater would become one of the most popular parts of Krakow. Not only has Kazimierz become night life centre, but its small and quite well-maintained streets are the best to walk around and contemplate.
Should you wish to try Jewish cuisine, head towards Szeroka Street.
It's really noisy in Plac Nowy during the weekends but quiet pubs can be also found.

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