Krakow Zoo

Address: ul. Kasy Oszczednosci 14

Area: Out of Town

Type: Zoo

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Located in the 500-hectare Las Wolski Forest some 10km outside of the city centre, Krakow zoo is home to over 1400 animals representing around 285 species including 600 birds and 400 mammals, 32 of which on the verge of extinction whilst 88 mammals are on the endangered list.

Since opening in 1929, Krakow zoo has acquired rare animal and some of its most prized assets include a herd of pygmy hippopotamus´, the Przewalski horses, American sea lions, Pere David´s deer, South American tapir, rare antelopes, a waterbuck and a white camel.

The Reptile House filled with turtle’s lizards and snakes is an intriguing encounter and the wildcats of Europe, China and Africa offer much wonderment and excitement. Among the birds you will find colorful parrots, steppe eagles and multi-coloured macaws, but without doubt everybody´s favourite are the monkeys.

To get there take the 134 from Kaluzy Street next to Hotel Cracovia.


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