Krakowski Kredens

Address: Grodzka 7

Area: Old Town

Type: Shops

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If you´re interested in food and would like to sample some of Krakow´s locally produced nibbles, head down to Krakowski Kredens and have a butchers what they´ve got on offer.

Reviving the traditions that stem back to the 19th Century Polish bourgeois to produce and sell only the very best products, the old-fashioned vanguard has a glowing reputation for fashioned dry goods.

They may be a little more expensive than the ordinary city shops, but these exquisite Galician delicacies are worth the extra few zloty. Visitors will find a good selection of goodies to take home with them such as jams and honeys, liquor and jars of pickled vegetables.

For a cheap eat, try one of the delicious warm rolls from a street side kiosk filled with sliced pork and garnished with mustard for no more than 9 zloty.


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