M1 shopping centre

Address: Aleja Pokoju 67

Area: Out of Town

Type: Shops

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With just 42,000 square metres and around 90 shops, M1 is comparatively small to its illustrious mega-space competitors, but this accessible shopping centre has the edge for attracting consumers looking for specific items at specialists stores.

Sure, it has the usual suspects and you will find plenty of top brands and well-known street fashions here, but the vast majority of its retail outlets are dedicated to specific equipment such as electronics megastore Media Markt and the handyman´s DIY dream, Praktiker.

Another feature that works in its favour is the charming architecture which is styled on the model of Old Town Krakow and each of the entrances has a specific theme representing the elements of earth, fire and water, all of which are like a breath of fresh air. Events and fashion shows also add to M1´s appeal.


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