Vanilla Spa

Address: Flisacka 3

Area: Old Town

Type: Wellness & Spa

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Vanilla Spa pride itself on revitalising mind, body and soul.

Their philosophical approach to spa treatments invites visitors to look deep inside themselves and find the inner peace that resides in us all – and the esoteric environment serves as a constant reminder that the troubles we carry in the material world are simply superficial.

The specially manufactured treatments are designed to motivate your thoughts away from your everyday life and consciously devote your attentions to the sensation of the inner you and are complimented with light yet healthy snacks and a unique composition of herbal and fruit teas.

Optional extras include a visit to the Vanilla Sky restaurant for a light bio-meal rich in vitamins and antioxidants. If you need to reinvent yourself, Vanilla Spa is the place to start.



Kristin Torhus from Norway

Posted on 30-09-2015

My daughter an I are coming to Krakaw from october 27th to the 30th.
We are looking to relax and get some massages and hoping to find a place that does Colonics ( colon hydrotherapy, colon irrigation.)
Do you offer this?
if not, can you recommend a place?
thank you
Kristin Torhus

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