Zakrzowek Lake

Area: Out of Town

Type: Lakes & Rivers

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Zakrzowek Lake, is a 20-minute walk from Wawel Castle has the unique distinction of being a hidden lagoon in an old mined quarry – indeed it is so hidden some people think it´s a myth.

In actual fact it is relatively easy to get to on foot and is well worth the visit. Dominated by the sheer limestone cliffs and dense thick foliage of the surrounding area, Zakrzowek Lake is blessed with stunning natural beauty.

During the summer the weather is hot enough to go swimming in the water and in some parts the surrounding cliffs are not too high, thus it is not uncommon for people to jump off them into the lagoon below – you need a head for heights though!



Jimmy from Ireland

Posted on 09-09-2014

Peace of nature in a big city

I came to this place completely by accident and I can say that it was one of the best thing which I saw in Krakow. You can lie down on the shore and relax or swim in a perfect blue water.


Sasha from Ukraine

Posted on 14-04-2014

Prefect place

It is hard to imagine that you can find place like this in the centre of big, modern city. Place for people who wants rest and admire a beautiful views

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