Mikro Cinema

Address: Juliusza Lea 5

Area: Old Town

Type: Cinemas

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Given Poland´s prestigious contribution to world cinema, it´s not unreasonable to expect a good film to be played somewhere in bohemian Krakow, and despite the majority of the city´s 40 something cinema´s targeting the mainstream, there are exceptions.

Tucked away in a little corner by the expansive and attractive Park Krakowski, the Mikro Cinema shows experimental films and arthouse cinema from around the globe. In close proximity to Krakow´s three main University buildings this classic arthouse ramshackle attracts lots of students and thus is very reasonably priced.

The shabby decor serves to add to the charm of its character and a strict policy of showing films targeting the more discerning cinema goer makes it a popular hit with it supporters. For a true, and somewhat surreal Krakow cinema experience, head for the Mikro Cinema.


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