Park Jordana

Area: Out of Town

Type: Parks & Gardens

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Of the forty-two parks in Krakow, Park Jordana is regarded as the best to visit.

Located in downtown near the Blonia and the National Museum, the 22-hectares of sprawling parklands is fully equipped with a multitude of recreational facilities such a football, volleyball and basketball courts together with paddling pond and playgrounds. Bordering the university campus´ of the three major academies, there is often a vibrant atmosphere of milling students, families and sports teams buzzing around the place.

Also in the vicinity is the Wisla Club, Krakow´s biggest sports stadium which hosts football and ice hockey matches together with a public swimming pool. For a fun day out for all the family or to engage in some friendly rivalry among friends, or even the locals, Park Jordana is where it´s at.



Jorg from Frankfurt

Posted on 24-07-2015

Very nice

I wanted to get out of the city center for a while and someone recommended me to go to Jordana park and it was a good idea. That park is really big and has some nice relaxing alleys as well as big fields of grass where you can get some sun, play some games or have a picknick. There are places to play with children and on the other hand a bar where you can grab a beer. Nice place to chill out and not so far away from the old town.

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