Krakow Botanical Gardens

Address: ul. Kopernika 27

Area: Out of Town

Type: Parks & Gardens

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Founded in 1779, the botanical gardens in Krakow are the oldest in Poland and were one of the first scientific institutions of its kind in Europe.

The colourful oasis is home to over 5000 species of exotic plants, both native to Poland and from other countries around the world. The gardens were built on what used to be a vast area of forest land which once covered the whole region, but the only evidence of this today is a 300 year old Jagiellonian Oak which stands proudly amongst the greenhouses and younger shrubs.

Located 27 Kopernika street, the botanical gardens are located a ten minutes walk from the city center and is regarded as Krakow´s best-kept secrets. Because of the harsh winters in Krakow, the botanical gardens are only open between May and October.


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