Manggha Cafe

Address: Konopnickiej 26

Area: Old Town

Type: Japanese

Price range: Mid Range

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Manggha Café is part of the museum of the same name. Specialties include oriental foods and coffees.The café’s desirability has a lot to do with its convenience and pleasant atmosphere, but it is still a solid place.

The museum also has some really great collections. Even if you have no interest in the museum itself, the neighbourhood is lovely and vibrant and it is worth stopping in here for a quick lunch with friends or a drink on your own.



May And Jim from Ireland

Posted on 03-06-2015

Nice combination

We were visiting the museum and in the end we sat down for a coffee to talk about what we saw. Apart from the museum being great with an amazing collection, the coffee itself was very good too. And you can get some oriental snacks! :) very nice place

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