Jazz Rock Cafe

Address: Sławkowska 12

Area: Old Town

Type: Bar

Rating: 4

Jazz Rock Café is not quiet as you might think a ‘jazz café’ might be, so get that impression out of your head. It is a full blown dance venue filled with young people flailing their bodies and getting crazy.

If this is something you like, wonderful, have at it! If large groups make you nervous, be a little cautious but have no fear, it is crowded, but not intimidating the way underground crowds in the dark can be.

While the venue is very modern with its sort of futuristic theme, it is well lit and filled with friendly people.




Megan from Austria

Posted on 13-06-2015

Rock n roll

:) I've had a great time. Lots of good metal/rock music, small dancefloor, but it's ok. Very nice barmans and it is open until very late during weekends. I would recommend it if you like this kind of "rocky" atmosphere.


Christopher from United Kingdom

Posted on 30-01-2015

Good choice!

Nice place in a city center of Krakow.We spent there a good time with friends, drinking beer and dancing. It's worth to visit this place.


Kate from USA

Posted on 10-06-2014

Amazing place!

We spent an evening there just listening to music and drinking beer and we have to admit that it was great time for us! The atmosphere of the place and localization are brilliant and we recommend this cafe to everyone!


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