Address: Floriańska 18

Area: Old Town

Type: Bar

Rating: 4.25

Pauza would be under the descriptor of ‘alternative’. The art work is modern and unique and the cliental is the same.

The bar is not on the first floor but the second, which contrasts with the majority of Krakow’s bars and clubs that seem to always be in a basement of some kind. And, the layout, if nothing else is something to check out.

This spot would be great if you have tired of standard bars and clubs and are looking to switch it up. Warning: the bathrooms are co-ed, which could be a good or bad thing depending on your goals for the evening.



Mira from Poland

Posted on 22-05-2012

Place to meet people and culture

Place always filled with pepole, great concerts and other cultural events worth attending!


Marta from Krakow/Poland

Posted on 18-05-2012

great place to meet with a gruop of friends

Pauza is always the first choice for me while being out with friends, nice climatic place, with additional area for smokers. One of the best places on Floriańska street if you want to go out but also be able to talk/ gossip etc. nice people inside, good prices. whats not to like?!:)


Andrzej from Krakow

Posted on 16-05-2012

Great bar!

This place is an institution in Krakow. Excellent atmosphere, good mix of clientele and the monthly photo exchibitions are always worth checking out. Recommended


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