Les Couleurs

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Address: Estery 10

Area: Kazimierz

Type: Cafe

Rating: 5

Les Couleurs is a Parisian themed institution as the name would suggest to you. It looks like a café you could find in Montmartre.

Most clients tend to say that the breakfast food is average, but the place comes alive in the later evening as the dinner menu, cocktails and atmosphere are excellent. All types of people come to mingle at this hip metropolitan hotspot, from wealthy bourgeois to more bohemian hipsters.

It is a great way to get a sense of the diversity in Krakow, especially if the group you are with is of varying tastes. Try it.



Vera from Oslo

Posted on 28-10-2015

Nice place

Nice little cafe in Kazimierz. Feels like entering a little family business, everyone seems to know each other. But I guess that's how Kazimierz is in general ;) Grab a coffee if you're passing by, maybe you meet someone nice.


John from Great Britain

Posted on 08-10-2015

Je l'aime bien!

La bas, vous etes comme dans un cafe a Paris!


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