Coffee Heaven

Address: Karmelicka 8

Area: Old Town

Type: Cafe

Rating: 3.5

Coffee Heaven feels a lot like Starbucks.

Some may think that’s a bad thing since it seems a little bourgeois to go there on vacation whilst being a native English speaker, others see it as a positive since it’s something they are familiar with, others still see it as neutral. Bottom line is it is a place to relax and get your caffeine fix.

The ambience is a little plainer, which again could be a good or bad thing depending on your individual preferences. 



Magda from Poznan

Posted on 26-07-2015


Such a good coffee. And so many to choose from. It has a modern style and tasteful look inside. You can also grab a sandwich or a coffee to go. Not to expensive as well.


Lila from Malta

Posted on 29-12-2014

Better than Starbucks

Great combination of high quality coffee for a reasonable price. (Their coffee to go saved my life a few times).


Kasia from Krakow

Posted on 18-05-2012

A great place for having coffee with friends!


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