Massolit Books

Address: Felicjane 4

Area: Old Town

Type: Cafe

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Massolit Books is a small café and bookstore run by an American couple living in Poland. They have an absolutely huge collection of books in English (on many different subjects) and have incorporated the old vibe of the area with antique bookshelves and other furnishings.

They offer good strong coffee, tea and other beverages, and delicious pastries, cookies and cakes to nosh on while you read to your heart’s content.

They also have poetry readings, and a violinist who makes his way to the store to play. It’s the place to lose yourself in if you’re having a bad day.



Aga from Poland

Posted on 22-05-2012

Coffee & books

Great place, 3 rooms filled with books from the floor to the ceiling (English and American) - perfect for foreigners looking for something to read. Coffee is tasty as well :)

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