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Baccarat Club

Address: Stolarska 13

Area: Old Town

Type: Night Club

Rating: 3.5

Baccarat is for those of us who prefer the finer things in life. No expense was spared in the design of this place.

There are not only disco balls to signify the classic dance theme, but exquisite chandeliers and high end furniture and décor too.

You should be warned that the club is absolutely huge. It has ten rooms that span the 500 meter club, so if you have a short attention span, this is a safe bet.

You should probably splurge on your attire here, since the clientele tends to be aware of their appearance. 



Naiomi from Ireland

Posted on 25-01-2015

Crazy party

this place is perfect to have a party.
big, nice with good beer and service. We had a good fun there.


Lottie from Scotland

Posted on 30-10-2014

Nice place to dance

Baccarat is a nice place with beautiful interior. There is a lot of corridors inside so you can easily lost yourself, which is also fun. The only drawback can be a small dance floor, always crowded. Anyway, this place is worth to visit.



Posted on 18-11-2012

Quite hard to get in and an older crowd

Be warned that even if you are in a mixed group you might find it hard to get in as the bouncers can be selective for no apparent reason. Bacarrat tends to attract a slightly older crowd of people who are often a bit 'orange' in skin colour to over use of sunbeds and very money aware. Not everyone's taste but fun can be had if this is your sort of thing.


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