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Essential Krakow is pleased to present a number of interactive and downloadable maps of Krakow to help you navigate your way around the old town and city centre. One of the beauties of visiting Krakow is that everything is relatively close together and walk-able, so a relatively small map of Krakow’s city center covers the majority of tourist attractions and things to do in Krakow.

An initial look at a map of Krakow and you could be fooled into thinking it is easy to find your way around the old town with the city centre map focusing around the main market square. However, because many parts of Krakow’s city centre look similar, especially around The Planty, it is definitely worthwhile to bring a city map as a reference.

Our interactive Krakow map includes a simple filter to allow you to locate places of interest, such as ‘things to do’ and ‘tourist attractions in the city centre. Similarly location filters are also available for creating maps of Krakow nightlife hotspots and places to eat in the old town and Kazimierz.