Students in Krakow

Visit anytime between September and July and Krakow will appear to be a very young city indeed. The reason being is that Krakow houses over 170,000 students which makes up about 20% of the city’s population. Krakow pulls students from regional areas all over Poland for a number of reasons but foremost it’s for the quality of education. 

First on the list is the world renowned Jagiellonian University which was established in 1364 and boasts astronomer Nicolaus Copernicus amongst its alumni. Other established educational institutes include the Krakow University of Economics and AGH University of Science and Technology which are among the top schools in their fields in Poland.  However, it’s not only quality of education which draws the knowledge seeking crowd! The city itself is ideal for students as it is small and easy to get around, there are plenty of bars and student accommodation options are numerous and cheap. Aside from local Polish students, the city is now becoming a haven for Erasmus students from Western Europe looking for a 6 month or longer study experience which lasts a lifetime in their memories. The Erasmus student services are open to all international students in the city and are happy to assist with information, accommodation or entertainment requirements. 

If you’re not a student but would like to experience the student life; then we suggest a visit in June at the end of the academic year when the city’s students take over the Rynek for the annual Juwenalia festivities – wholesome student fun and a laugh to watch or participate in!