Shopping in Krakow

Paris, Milan, New York, Krakow! Well, maybe not, but if you’re here to shop then Essential Krakow will show you the way.

If clothing is your passion, your starting point must be Galeria Kazimierz which always attracts a more discerning crowd than the larger shopping centres and contains a nice mix of boutiques and a few international brand houses. Unfortunately despite the cheap food and beer, the savings stop with clothing so expect to pay only marginally lower prices than in Western Europe and probably with less choice.

If you’re staying in the centre and you don’t want to venture too far, then Galeria Krakowska is a sure fire way to spend an afternoon and purse of money. We provide a small warning that if you visit on the weekend or rainy day and expect hoards of people, although weekdays and evenings are much quieter. Here you will find the big brands such as Zara, H&M and the more up-market Peek and Cloppenberg, as well as countless jewelry stores, books stores, gadget stores and sports stores.

Juice bars and sushi stands occupy the corridors and there’s a sizeable food court for when you get hungry. The layout is simple so it’s impossible to get lost and you can conveniently access the main train station through one of the marked passages.

Outside of the shopping centers, the Rynek is ideal if you’re hunting for a tourist memento of Krakow. Take a stroll through the cloth hall in the centre of the Rynek where you’ll find the famous amber jeweler, knick knacks and all forms of Krakow merchandise to take back home to your loved ones. Note, the vendors in the cloth hall price their goods for tourists so feel free to haggle if you’re hunting for a bargain.