Krakow Expat Scene

Are you thinking of making the move to Krakow and living as an expat? The city welcomes you with open arms! Krakow often turns weekend visitors and backpackers into expatriates simply because of the fun and entertainment that is all around.  

Not forgetting that it is the beautiful women – one of Poland’s greatest draw cards – who commonly convince male visitors that it’s worthwhile staying (including this writer). Life as an expat in Krakow can take you down many paths, all of them vibrant, challenging and ultimately rewarding.

Teaching English as a native speaker is a common form of employment for expats and if you time your move well (best around September) and you can string a sentence together, then you should be able to find a work at one of the countless English schools. English teachers in Krakow vary from those who apply their professional teaching backgrounds, to those taking career breaks, and even artists and musicians who aim to fund a flexible lifestyle and nurture their creative spirits.  

Alternatively, there is a growing scene of expat professionals who are moved to Krakow by large firms setting up outsourcing centers – Krakow is now considered the outsourcing capital of Europe. Most of these professional expats are thrilled with their moves which often provide a new challenge and higher standard of living than their home country employment regardless of their take-home pay.

Despite the European economic climate not being so stable, there is also a strong entrepreneurial community of those who have moved to Poland and decided to set up shop with an innovative idea and low cost operations. Starting business in Poland is not so easy, but the opportunities this developing country present more often than not outweigh the administrative challenges. The city now hosts a vibrant start-up and tech scene and there are numerous active Facebook and Linkedin groups dedicated to various expat communities in Krakow.