Doing Sport in Krakow

If you’ve over stuffed yourself with Pierogi and vodka and need to sweat it out and shed some kilos, there are numerous options for sport in Krakow.

Modern gyms are relatively new to Poland but are dotted about the city; Essential Krakow recommends Pure – located near the train station at Angel City and also at Galeria Kazimierz. For those wanting more of a health club vibe than we suggest a trip down to Zabłocie (very close to Schindler’s Factory) and a visit to Mlyn (ul. Przemysłowa 4). Here you can work out, swim, steam, sauna or simple relax with massage. They also have their own café if you fancy a bite – a lovely escape from the hustle and bustle of the centre and a nice way to spend a few hours if its raining or snowing outside. 

Squash is also growing in popularity amongst the locals and squash centers can also be found around town. Try Atlantic Squash and Wellness (ul. Stradomska 15) located between the centre and Kazimierz  for a hit of squash, quick workout or a sauna. If the sun is shining and you prefer to be outdoors, then you can have a bash of tennis at Nadwiślan Korty Tenisowe (ul. Koletek 20) – not too far from the centre and the junior club of Agnieszka Radwansk - WTF top 10 ranked.

Other options for sports lovers include ten pin bowling (ul. Kamienna 17) or simply a jog along the Wisla or around the vast parklands of Blonia (Aleja Focha). Top class mountain biking is also possible just a short ride from the centre, just head north in the direction of the Zoo and Kopiec Kościuszki (the big mound) and you’ll hit the forest soon enough. Make sure you’re wearing a helmet as the tracks are unpredictable and be sure to be carrying a phone just in case you go too far off-road.