Living in Krakow

Krakow is a city that many people find enchanting. You cannot quite put your finger on it but certain people feel a certain affinity with this city and choose to move here on a more permanent basis. It is also true that many top international companies have set up operations here bringing with them required staff.

On making Krakow your home, there is one priority that attends you, a PESEL number. This number facilitates your obtaining employment and tax obligations particularly if you are self-employed. Official residency is necessary in order to apply for a PESEL number.

Although the bureaucratic side can be a little involved it definitely makes for a less stressful existence and leaves more time to discover the ‘Krakowian Lifestyle’, which is by far more interesting. There are many parts of the city that offer accommodation to suit all pockets, the abundant student population in Krakow gives rise to some affordable solutions in choosing a dwelling place as well as many recently built apartments that continually spring up around Krakow.

The majority of these new residential areas are well connected by public transport. Krakow has an excellent tramway system which is still quite cheap and reaches the outskirts of the immediate city. The buses cover the slightly more remote areas and on top of that there are a lot of very competitive private bus services which carry out of city dwellers and workers to the satellite towns and longer distances.

Once you have settled in you can discover Krakow and all it has to offer. Trying the local dishes and recipes is always a good idea. There are many great ‘Milk Bars’, remnants of the past communist influence. These no frills restaurants offer simple food at low prices.

Krakow is also a modern city so there is a wide choice of the more well known eating places and popular cuisine from around the world. Fresh food from the numerous markets is available daily if you prefer and of course the supermarkets we all recognise are dotted around the city.

The nightlife is varied and defined. Themed pubs, jazz clubs, rock music, disco, house and many other trends can be found if you are diligent enough. There are quite a few non Polish musicians in Krakow, so, the live music scene is very vibrant as well as the people supporting these venues.

Visiting the museums and art galleries is recommended to build the cultural aspects and visiting the local attractions will help broaden your knowledge of Polish and Krakowian deep rooted traditions  and customs.

In time the enchantment of Krakow grows and matures. This city has a steep history and never fails to amaze if you learn to love Krakow.