Taxis in Krakow

Taxis in Poland are very cheap compared to other European countries but like many Central and Eastern European cities, there are a few less honest taxi companies and drivers around who may look to take advantage of you.

The good news is that taxis from the airport are now fixed fee so you will know how much you need to pay before you get in – generally around 70zl to the centre and slightly more during off-peak times. If you arrive at the train or bus station, be very cautious about the first taxis you see or if anyone offers you a ride.

You can see the taxi charges on the window and listed rates should be no higher than 2,30zl per kilometer with a small flag fall – if it’s any higher or the driver seems too eager to give you a ride, then best to walk away. Once you are inside the taxi just keep an eye on the meter and the tariff.

Tariff 1 covers the majority of town and is the base fare, other tarrifs are used for journeys outside of town or during off-peak hours so they really only apply later in the evenings or on longer journeys. The same cautiousness should be applied if you’re hailing a taxi around the old town or Kazimierz.

The more reputable taxi companies are Barbakan, iCar and Wawel but the safest option is to book via your hotel or from the city guide in your apartment. This way you will be sure to get a reliable company and have a safe and comfortable journey.